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The Inventions of the 1920's
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The invetnions of the 1920'
In the 20's the goal of inventors was to cut down on time spent working.  All of the inventions were labor saving and increased the leisure time.

Here is a replica of the first polygraph machine:

The olden polygraph

Inventions of the 20's include the radio, refrigerator, the band-aid, the polygraph machine, the hair dryer (not the portable kind), the toaster, the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine, the liquid fueled rocket, kool-aid, the internal combustion engine, q-tips, bread slice, the bulldozer and the traffic light.  Most of the inventions were used in everyday life, were others were used once in a while.  The consumer market was huge for these goods because the stock market boom.  The invention of the assembly line also helped mass produce these inventions at a lower cost so they were more affordable. 

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