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The Inventions of the 1920's

The inventions

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The Vacuum Cleaner
The vaccum cleaner, the fridge and the washer dryer are some of the most important of the inventions.  They were the major labor saving devices that were invented in the 20's.  This allowed for a huge increase in leisre activity and can be connected to the sudden activness of women.


The Rocket

There were other inventions that weren’t as useful at saving time but they did serve a purpose.  The q-tip was invented to help prevent people clean their ears, and other useless stuff like removing fingernail polish.  The liquid propelled rocket has its obvious uses. You could use it to get rid of the kids.  Let them play with it for awhile and they will eventually blow themselves up. It was also used to pioneer the space race that would occur decades later.



Database Integration
And yet there were other inventions that had some use for contruction.  These were the automobile with an internal combustion engine, and the bulldozer.  These greatly increased the potential of working machines.  This also allowed for large scale construction and earth moving. The automobile with an internal combustion was more powerful and cheaper so that more people could afford them.  Also this created a rapid mode of transit and so the suburbs were created.
$5000 and up if you
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