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The Inventions of the 1920's


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The Inventors

The inventors of the 1920's often worked separately and often achieved success.  This generation of inventors got more patents than any other generation of inventors.  At one point the people that issued patents thought that all of the patents had been issued and that there were not going to be any new inventions! Hahaha they were wrong.  The inventors, which includes names such as Frederick Rowedder, Benjamin Holt, William Potts, John A. Larson, Leo Gerstenzang, Robert Goddard, Edwin Perkins, and Earle Dickson. They were like the elite of the inventors.  They were very influential.

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The advances in medicine

There were two major advances in medicine in the time period. One was the invention of penicillin and the other was the discovery of insulin to treat diabetes.  These were huge at the time because penicillin is a broad spectrum drug, and this allowed for the treatment of lots of different diseases.